Previous Bespoke Event Menus

A selection of personalised menus crafted for previous events that we have catered for, including those with unique requirements.

Event: Celebration of life

  • Selection of club sandwiches
  • Petite spinach, feta & pesto quiches, served warm
  • Thai chicken salad in wonton cases
  • Pea, mint and feta smash, harissa roasted cherry tomatoes in mini pastry cases
  • Cheesy red pepper muffins, filled with creamy brie, served warm
  • Chocolate liqueur truffles
  • Cappuccino slice

Event: Staff Morning Tea

  • Selection of Club Sandwich Fingers
  • Cheesy Bombay Scrolls
  • Ginger Crunch Bites
  • Fruit Platter

Event: Winter Meditation Retreat lunch and afternoon tea for Saturday and Sunday.

Requirements- Vegetarian, no garlic or onion


  • Fennel, leek, lemon and white bean soup served with fresh Daily Bread Pioneer Sourdough and homemade ghee
  • Plum and coconut cake served with lemon glaze and yoghurt


  • Pumpkin and cauliflower curry with homemade spelt chapati and ghee
  • Sticky ginger loaf

Event: Meditation knowledge evening, treat to be served alongside Chai

Requirements- Gluten Free, Vegan

  • Chocolate and Raspberry bliss balls, drizzled with chocolate and dusted with freeze dried raspberries.